Note: This game is not meant for small devices, yet!

Wordzy: Impossible.

Hi, thanks for checking out my game. I did this to practice Javascript and to torment people like you.
This game is designed to be hard even for experienced word game players. Here's how to play:

Beginner Tips
  • Make words with the letters shown, as quickly as possible.
  • You start with five seconds on the clock; each correct word adds one second it. Longer words add more.
  • Each set of new letters can make at least one 7-letter word, or your money back.
  • You can press the space bar at any time to get new letters. Wow!
  • If you have feedback on this game and would like to share please email me.
see advanced tips
Advanced Tips
  • Try to guess as many two-letter words as you can immediately, buying yourself some time to think bigger.
  • As you type a word like "doe", you will automatically get "do". Another example would be "hitter", giving points for "hi" and "hit" along the way.
  • You don't have to press enter to play a word, merely typing the word works. Press enter only if you want to clear anything you've typed
  • Note that whatever you've typed will be erased when new letters flash. Use this to your advantage and jump right into the next set.